Divine Katoure 

Sales and Leasing Curator

Divine specializes in Commercial Real Estate with a Conscience.

She understands that commercial real estate isn't just buildings.

It is where the people you Love, Live and Work.

Commercial Real Estate is about community.

Serving  San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and the North Bay. Reach out to Divine to learn more about what is happening in commercial real estate, and find out how she can make a difference for your business today.



We care about how communities are transformed through commercial real estate

Today, more then ever commercial real estate is one of the most important economic topics in every community.  From the streets of San Francisco to the shores of Westeros, commercial real estate makes the world go round. My goal is to build relationships over buildings and bridges. Even as a leader, I am forever a student of commercial real estate.

Need help finding business space? We've got your back. Drop a quick message telling us about your requirement. We will be in touch with you soon.

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